Coat of arms of saarbrucken


Modern Version

Azure a lion argent lampas of gules, armed and crowned or, between four crosses alesions argent, a chief argent with gules rose and argent with two hammers and two sickles sable crossed in persaltire, a bordure argent and sable.


Origin : The Romans came after the Celt. A pagan temple of Mithra located at the foot of the Halberg proves it. A defensive camp of the Celtic period was found on the Sonnenberg. The trade routes Metz-Worms and Trèves-Strasbourg intersected along the Sarre, in the east of the modern city. In the 3rd century, a flourishing Roman vicus setteld on this crossroads. A bridge, whose security was insured by a castle, also crossed the Sarre. In 999, the « sarabruca » castle was indicated for the first time in official documents. In 1909 three towns gathered together to create the city of Sarrebruck: the baroque Sarrebruck, the citizen market place St. Johann and the industrial centre Malstatt/Burbach

Saarbrücken Description of the middle-aged shield

Azure and argent a lion lampas of gules armed and crowned or.