Bearing of the town of



Shield realized in Byzantine mosaics with Venetian smalti which represents the coat of arms of Saint- Avold.


Dimension: 0,81 x 0,66 environ.


Description: Three fess pale, with one fess of eight partitions: 1 argent burely and gules of eight pieces (Hungary); 2, azure semy of golden lilies, split in chief of a label with three sticks of gules (Sicily-Naples); 3, argent with the golden cross potent throughout between four crosslet couped (Jerusalem); 4, gold with four pals or pallets of gules (Aragon); 5, or first base, azure semy with lilies to the bordure of gules (Anjou); 6, azure with the golden lion with two tails, armed, langued and crowned with gules (Guedres); 7, gold with lion sable, armed and langued with gules (Juliers); 8, azure semy with golden cross crosslet and fitchy with two bends back to back (Bar). On the coat: gold with bend of gules charged with three alerions argent.


Origins: The coat of arms of Saint-Avold, plain of Lorraine, are known since the 16th century. A seal of 1586 (regional archives of Moselle, J115) is wearing them. They were confirmed by the Duke Leopoldo of Lorraine at the beginning of the 17th century. Did the town ever have other coat of arms? A seal of the town of 1484 (regional archives of Moselle, H4684 ) offer a personage standing up with in the right hand a shield with the cross moline.