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Like the mosaic, the curiosity of the self-learner led me to melt myself in the pot of a sculptor.
The emotions generated were completely different from what I used to feel before.

The challenge was clear...

The location of the sculpture (the round-about of Europe, strategic entrance of the town), the major’s will who wanted a masterpiece for his city, were significant elements.

The model was presented to the town’s major on February the 17th and accepted after the vote of the town’s council on September the 23rd of that year.

The masterpiece is made of three parts.

The pillar is made of Savonnière stone.

To do it I used the stone cutter Jean-Charles Sommen’s skills, who received the French award of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best French Craftsman).

He brilliantly realized the panel cut and other knurling and the letters’ sculpture I covered afterwards with mosaics.

The pillar also host the rich arms of the city of St. Avold and the twin city of Dudweiller and the inscriptions for the fortieth anniversary of the twinning in both languages.

The European flag and its twelve gold stars is represented in the background.

The sculpture represents two life branches, the first one is German and the other is French, and the symbolic straight of hand concretizes the renewed friendship between the two countries.
This representation is completely covered by one color Venetian enamels to keep the global sobriety of the work.

The work is sculpted in polyurethane blocs and then covered by glass fiber.

I used the old Egyptian concept of the candle for the drawing.

Stone pillar 3,20 / 1,60 / 2,00
Mosaics Sculpture 6,30
Height of the work 8,30
Weight 28 tonnes
Duration of the works 10 mois
The works needed the intervention of 11 subcontractors.