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I was born in a craftsmen family. I inherited my passion from my mother.

I want to thank my master Jacobs Martine who taught me that a fine work starts from details.

1962 Establishment of my marble and tiling company.

From day one, my aim has been to achieve a high quality result. Unconsciously, this way of working and this technique have led me to this artistic craftwork.

1991  Self-taught, I opened my own workshop in Carling.
I acquire the mastery of this new technique, experienced as a revelation, and URSCHEL L’artisan, craftsman in artistic mosaic, emerged.

1995/1996  I attended classes at the Academy of fine-arts in Ravenna in Italy, which has richly widen my horizons.

Day after day, I gained knowledge and discovered the depth of my findings on the “justicienne” epic. Many Byzantines revelations have inspired me until this day such as the basilica Sainte-Vitale, Galla Placida’s tomb or the Aryan Monastery. Today my inspiration comes from all these treasures of the past.

I use the precepts of my predecessors as reference for my contemporary work; and I am spiritually guided by my friend and master in mosaic Ines Morigi Berti.
My aim is to follow in the tracks of these ancestors in the wake of their wisdom, tact and artistic touch; and to gain the requisite sensitivity needed for creation.

The art of mosaic which has mostly disappeared at the dawn of the 21st Century re-emerges with the use of my tools, a financial challenge has risen for me in order to establish mosaic in our society as a contemporary art

I present to different townships pieces of work destined to heighten and decorate their daily surroundings. The creation of blazons or logos destined for townships in order to materialize their desire to make a difference, is a task for which I am willing to try to go beyond my skills. I use the originality of my work to enable these communities to pride themselves in being the owner of a unique, everlasting piece of work created in the same way our Ancestors used to.
The inescapable depth of the mosaic creates a beautiful environment full of sweetness and rapture.

Shaping, modelling, cutting, carving a simple piece of stone, a chip or a fragment of marble in order to obtain the quintessence of the material, the size and consistency needed to create the tessera used in the elaboration of a shimmering, radiant, astonishingly strong piece of art for which only the light will enable to pierce its beauty. Such is my vocation.


Giving life to my artistic creations is the aim of my life


A piece of work results from working stone, extracted from the earth where the eye is strongly attracted an instant, delighted by the colours, shapes and forms which makes each of my creations unique.
My passion emerges from my finished work. My only aim is the abundance of brightness and the various textures in my work which only the art of mosaic can bring together thanks to the coherence of its different shapes and colours.